Who is Dr Darwin Smith?

Dr. Darwin Smith is the author of the Grow Taller 4 Idiots book which has been very popular amongst the masses. According to him, he was very short a few years ago but then there was a drastic change in his height and from a mere 5’3” inches he became 5’10” taller. This did not take place due to any overnight magic but there is a very strange story behind it.

He actually met a person named Phillip Nguyen who helped him in searching for the particular substance- a drink that would help in increasing his height. The drink was formulated with special different ingredients and after consuming it he began to observe the significant changes in himself.

Meeting with Phillip Nguyen 

The author is originally from Vietnam. He tried out a number of techniques and formulas to increase his height. He also went to gym and literally tried every alternative such as taking growth hormone supplements, following the grow taller programs, pills, insoles and herbs, but nothing showed any positive progress in his effort to grow taller. The author then describes about Phillip and finds that he was a veteran who took part in the Vietnamese war.

 Phillip Nguyen

Phillip Nguyen

He (Phillip) too was encountering the similar height problem. He told him about the “Height Stuff” which the author had no idea. When he asked about what it is all about, the man replied that is a good stuff to increase the height. Phillip showed him the most vital aspect of the paper which was “The Secret “Height-Boosting” Cocktail!” After a few minutes he brought something remarkable which indeed was a blend of some ingredients.

Darwin Smith took a keen notice of the ingredients used in the cocktail. Philip advised him to consume or drink this mixture everyday and he also added that it was a kind of miracle drug. It had a peculiar taste.

After getting the secret formula Dr Smith went on to experiment and test the formula thereby developing a systematic program which could help every individual to enhance his height. However, he wanted to be absolutely sure about this product, he spent an entire night asking questions related to it as he wanted to know more and learn about it.

So far from the discussion with Phillip he knew that the right combination of the amino acid coupled with growth hormone can certainly play a comprehensive role in increasing the height.

Dr Darwin Smith had conducted a two year thorough investigative research and testing before he launched the Grow Taller 4 Idiots Program. During this course, he has interviewed experts and then told about some exercises to improve the solution which he got from the stranger. Thus, the outcome which he derived was based on scientific formula and completely natural and safe in boosting the height.

However, you need to have patience as it will take about two to four weeks before you can actually view the results and observe the difference in your height. This is an amazing book completely authentic and reliable.